Hi. I’m Rein van ‘t Veer. I’m a Netherlands based developer with roots in the heritage sector, and in archaeology in particular. I used to do fieldwork when robotic total stations were introduced on a large scale in commercial archaeology. From collecting and processing data, I moved from front to back office data quality assessment, database and geospatial in-company product development and external data warehousing using the centralised Dutch archaeological data repository. I helped setting up an archaeological data exchange programme, designed geospatial applications for the web and have been specialising myself in the previous few years in geospatial development for the semantic web/linked data.

Really important to me is open source software, open data and leveraging fine technologies for the benefit of the general public. This is why I have always worked, through commercial parties, closely with or directly for governmental organisations. In conjunction and collaboration, they hold the key for improving our lives.