Some presentations I gave

Geo Gebruikersfestival 2018

2018-10-31 “Slimme” energielabels met “Artificial Intelligence” (in Dutch)

INSPIRE energy session

2018-09-20 Estimating energy performance of buildings

Open Geospatial Consortium GeoAI session

2018-09-12 ‘Shape recognition’

Cadastre research session

2018-03-28 Computational ‘understanding’ of geometries for Kadaster

Netherlands Institute in Turkey archaeological data management symposium

2017-12-01 Public Querying of Archaeological Data for the Netherlands Institute in Turkey

VU Network Institute day

2017-10-30 Rethinking location intelligence for CLUE+ meets Network Institute day

Semantics 2017

2017-10-14 Geospatial Linked Data quality assessment using machine learning at Sematics2017

European Association for Archaeologists conference 2017

2017-09-01 Knowledge extraction from an abundance of sources at European Association for Archaeologists conference 2017

Utrecht JavaScript meetup

2016-10-13 UtrechtJS meetup presentation on network analysis using Linked Data