Rein van ‘t Veer, geospatial data scientist cloud engineer person

Geospatial data scientist, specialised in geodata/cloud engineering, Kubernetes or otherwise, geospatial machine learning, and Python and Rust application development. Self-employed/freelancer at in the Netherlands.

Making software is much more a creative process and rarely a straightforward translation of logic into machine-readable format. This is why I’m not so concerned with developments in AI (yet) as a replacement of human developers. The machines fortunately do not tell you (yet) in which direction to point your company or what to communicate with stakeholders. It can assist, but cannot replace human motivation, which is fueled by emotion. This is the one thing that the rise of the machines lack.




“Side project”: tutorial Kubernetes Operators with Argo ecosysteem


Actually just out of curiosity, but also out of great interest for Argo I looked into how you without the Operator SDK could still fill in a Kubernetes Operator pattern with minimal effort. Kubernetes Operators are generally extensions of the base Kubernetes API, but they can also go to standard resources listen. The bottom line is that with Argo Events and Argo Workflows can build a complete operator, which has the following advantages:

Read the full tutorial here


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